Did you know that any Donation over $2 to the Hastings Brigade is tax deductible?

CFA is a registered charity with the Australian Tax Office.

Donations can be made directly into our bank account, or by cheque. Our bank details are:

BSB: 633-108
Account Number: 142050616

Cheques can be hand delivered or mailed to:-

Hastings Fire Brigade
PO Box 40
Hastings, Victoria, 3915

If a return address is provided we can issue a receipt. We are grateful for your support.

How is the CFA funded?

On 1st July 2013, the Victorian Government changed the Fire Service funding model, as recommended by the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission.

Rather than contributing through insurance premiums, a property-based levy is now collected with council rates. This levy funds 77.5% of the CFA’s budget with the State government contributing the remaining 22.5 %. For more information

How are Individual Brigades Funded ?

There are 1200 CFA Brigades in Victoria. They vary in size from small Rural Brigades to more Urbanised Fire Brigades in large towns and cities across Regional Victoria. All Brigades receive vehicles and equipment from the CFA.

Many Brigades raise funds within their communities to purchase extra fire fighting or training equipment. This extra equipment helps.

So what do we do with the money?

The Hastings Brigade has a policy of using any money raised within the community to be put back in to the Brigade to improve our Fire Service delivery. Over the past 20 years, the following is some of the items of firefighting equipment we have purchased :-

PPVPositive Pressure Ventilation Fan (PPV)– Used for structure fires, this fan is used to pressurize a building with fresh air, expelling all of the smoke and toxic gases.

Quick cutQuick Cut saw – Used for forcible entry into buildings and property on fire.

HazmatHazmat/Salvage – the Hazmat/Salvage has been used by the Brigade for the past 15 years to provide Transport and basic lighting as well as carrying salvage equipment (Wet/Dry Vacs, Tarps etc) and Hazmat or Hazardous Materials. The Brigade is currently planning a replacement for this vehicle.One of the largest fundraising efforts took place in the mid 1990’s to raise funds for a new Hazmat/Salvage vehicle. At the time, generous donations from Hillview Quarries, Esso and the Hastings community allowed the purchase of the vehicle in 1995.

This vehicle has served the Brigade well over the years but needs to be replaced in the future.

Ground_monitorGround Monitor – A large volume water monitor able to deliver 3000 litres of water per minute to a large fire.

shedShed/Pump House – Constructed in 2007, the shed stores extra equipment as well as housing a Pump for Pump training.

oxy-vivaOxy-Viva – Oxygen Therapy and Resuscitation Unit.