Delivery Truck Roll Over

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Delivery Truck Roll Over

Category : Brigade News

Where: Hastings
When: 21 August 2013
Type: Motor Vehicle Accident


  • Hastings: Pumper and Hazmat
  • Langwarrin: Rescue and Support

Other Agencies: Police and Ambulance

In the early afternoon on August 21 Hastings and Langwarrin were called to a report of a motor vehicle accident. On route advice was given that a truck had roll over in a roundaabout, and once on scene it was found that a small delivery truck was on its side after being involved in a collision with another car.

The occupant of the car was unharmed, while the driver of the truck was still trapped in the cab. Working together, firefighters and paramedics extracted the driver by removing the windscreen, who was then taken away by ambulance to hospital for further treatment.

Firefighters then remained until after tow trucks had arrived to remove the vehicles.