Deployment to Heywood (Kentbruck-Portland)

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Deployment to Heywood (Kentbruck-Portland)

Category : Brigade News

On January 8 2013, Hastings Tanker and FCV were deployed as part of two strike teams from District 8 to a fire burning near Portland in Victoria’s west. The Tanker was deployed with Strike Team 0803, while the FCV was the Strike Team Leader’s vehicle for Strike Team 0802, both teams totalling 14 vehicles worked together for the duration of their deployment.

Upon reaching the Heywood area they were involved in the consolidation of control lines primarily through back burning. The fire was located in the lower Glenelg National Park and private plantation, with the control lines formed to prevent it from spreading into private property.

The strike teams were accommodated at the Monivae College in Hamilton and all crews would like to thank the staff there for their hospitality. Both strike teams returned home on Friday 11 January.