Thermal Imaging Camera and Kitten Rescue

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Thermal Imaging Camera and Kitten Rescue

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Earlier in this year Hastings Fire Brigade was fortunate enough to recieve a grant for a Thermal Imaging Camera to help firefighters in tasks such as quickly locating people in heavily smoke filled environment, or identifying hotspots after the main fire has been extinguished.

One use of the thermal imaging camera came in an unusual furry form – locating a kitten trapped in a wall. After being contacted by the RSPCA, Hastings responded to a house where the owner had heard “sounds of a cat” coming from behind a wall. Using the camera, crews were able to locate a hot spot in the wall, caused by the kitten

Once the kitten had been pinpointed, a small section was cut in the wall near where the animal was stuck, and it was retrieved successfully and is now being cared for.

Hastings Fire Brigade would like to extend our thanks to local MP Neale Burgess, who supported Hastings Brigade in acquiring the camera.