2012/13 “Can I, Can’t I” Guide Released

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2012/13 “Can I, Can’t I” Guide Released

Category : Fire Safety

Ever wondered when burning off is allowed and when it’s banned? Or what activities are allowed on a
day of Total Fire Ban?

These questions and more are answered in the latest “Can I, Can’t I” guide released by CFA.
It answer common questions about what’s legally allowed during the Fire Danger Period and on a day
of Total Fire Ban (TFB).

The new Can I or Can’t I? also includes recent changes to the Country Fire Authority Act 1958, such as:

  • The requirement to have a person present at all times while a fire is alight has been bolstered to
  • include them having the capacity and means to extinguish it
  • There is no longer the requirement that the fire is not within 7.5 metres of a log or stump
  • An organisation involved in fundraising can apply for a permit to have a barbecue on a Total Fire
  • Ban day
  • Activities such as welding, gas-cutting, soldering, grinding, charring and heating bitumen are
  • prohibited during Total Fire Ban days without special Section 40 permits
  • Section 40 permits can now be sought for religious and cultural reasons on Total Fire Ban days
  • The restriction on the use of a gas or electric fired portable barbecue on a Total Fire Ban day to
  • within 20 metres of a dwelling has been removed.

CFA Manager Community Resilience Gwynne Brennan is urging all the community and all CFA
members to get familiar with the new publication.

“Some of these changes to the CFA Act will have a significant effect on Victorians this summer, such as
the removal of restrictions around barbecues being within 20 metres of a dwelling.

“Penalties have also been increased – fines of up to $30,000 and 15 years imprisonment apply if
a fire gets out of control and starts a bushfire on a Total Fire Ban day” Ms Brennan said.

Can I or Can’t I? is available at the CFA website – cfa.vic.gov.au.