Hazmat Exercise

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Hazmat Exercise

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A container holding unknown chemicals is found, quickly the fire brigade is dispatched and soon two teams wearing specialist Splash Suites to protect against chemical exposure move in, the first team provides the control point with information on the container and its contents before the second team isolates the container in an orange oversized drum, safe from the risk of contamination. At least this would be the case if the incident had have been real. The incident was part of a small hazardous materials exercise run by the Hastings Fire Brigade.

The second scenario conducted later featured the use of two fully enclosed Gas Suites, with operators required to access a container “leaking green fluid”. Operators were first tasked with checking the area to ensure that there were no occupants in the near by cars, then were asked to provide information to the control point before containing the leak and returning to be decontaminated by a waiting team of splash suite wearers.

The day provided valuable opportunities for practice and was beneficial for all involved.