CFA calls for Victorians to register their burn-offs

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CFA calls for Victorians to register their burn-offs

Category : Fire Safety

With the Fire Danger Period now over for most parts of the state, CFA is urging the Victorians to take extra care when burning off and to register their burn by calling 1800 668 511.

Since fire restrictions were lifted, CFA has responded to a number of burn-off related calls across the state, which turned out to be false alarms.

“If people register their burn-offs, we know what is happening in that area, which is very helpful when brigades are being dispatched to jobs,” CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson said.
“It reduces the chances of CFA being called out to a false alarm when the public calls about a fire they have seen. The community needs to understand that, for the most part, we’re talking about volunteers who have to leave their work or spend time away from their family by responding to false alarms.”

Mr Ferguson said despite restrictions being lifted, people should also be careful with their burn-offs when weather heats up.

“Although the Fire Danger Period is ending, it is important the community take extreme care when burning off. If a fire is left unattended in windy conditions it can spread quickly and can burn into bushland or onto neighbours’ properties.”

Mr Ferguson added although there had been wet conditions and flooding in Victoria, recent grassfires had demonstrated how quickly fires could take hold.

“Grassfires travel faster than you can run. They can threaten properties and even kill,” he said.
“People should have a fire plan and prepare for the event of fire – never be complacent.”

A few simple steps landowners must take when burning off:

  • Be aware of your council burn off by-laws;
  • Register the burn with CFA on 1800 668 511;
  • Check weather conditions;
  • Tell your neighbours when you plan to burn-off to avoid brigades being called out unnecessarily by a neighbour or passer-by and;
  • Never leave a burn off unattended.

“You should never burn-off in hot, dry, windy conditions or if these conditions are forecast within the time your burn-off is expected to take,” Mr Ferguson said.
“People should also leave a 3 metre fire break, free of flammable materials around any burn-off.”

If your burn-off does get out of control please call ‘000’ immediately.

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