October 2011 Fuel tanker roll over

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October 2011 Fuel tanker roll over

Category : Brigade News

Where: Tyabb
When: 22 October 2011
Type: Motor Vehicle Accident, Fuel tanker roll over

Appliances sent:

  • Hastings: Pumper, Tanker and Hazmat

Close to midnight on October 22, a fuel tanker rolled over in a roundabout close to the township of Tyabb. Hastings was paged for the initial response, with the Tanker and Hazmat later requested as the incident grew in size.

Hastings Pumper was tasked with supplying foam in order to prevent a mixture of diesel and unleaded petrol from igniting as it leaked from the damaged truck. Hastings Tanker worked on supplying the Pumper with water.

Our Hazmat was redirected from the roundabout to a creek near by where a product of foam and water mixed with the leaking fuels threatened to enter the drainage system and run into Western Port Bay. Working alongside other agencies such as the EPA, crews from several brigades worked on blocking the drain by creating a dam made of sand, in the event it was successful and run off was stopped.

At the height of the event, several extra crews waited on standby at Hastings Station in case they were needed, along with Langwarrin Pumper who were instructed to ‘step up’ to maintain a pumper ready in the township. Hastings Fire Brigade extends our thanks to the Langwarrin crew for their efforts.

Beginning at 8am on October 23 relief crews were sent to replace those who had been active at the scene since midnight, with the Tanker and Hazmat returning early in the morning, and the Pumper returning to station at 4pm the same day.