Boundary Alignment

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Boundary Alignment

Category : Fire Safety

As of 1st July 2010, the CFA boundary realignment takes place. Some people have expressed confusion over the different types of areas/regions/etc and it is hoped that this article goes some way to helping fix any misunderstandings or questions. Each section is given a description, and also how it relates to the township of Hastings and the Brigade as a whole.

CFA Boundaries :-

Brigade Response Area

Each Fire Brigade in Victoria is assigned a specific response area which varies in size from Brigade to Brigade. When an Emergency 000 call is made, the location is identified and the appropriate Brigade(s) are dispatched according to a predetermined response “table”.

The Hastings Brigade’s Primary response area is shown below. All Brigades will respond to assist neighbouring Brigades when required and, during large “campaign” fires, Brigades can travel significant distances away from their home town.

Hastings Brigade members and appliances have been deployed as far away as NSW, Kinglake, Anakie, Omeo & Falls Creek to name a few.



A Group is a number of Fire Brigades that provide mutual support and resources when required. During large campaign fires – such as Black Saturday – a group will form a “Strike Team” that consists of a number of vehicles of a specific type (such as Tankers), led by a Strike Team Leader.

Groups are headed by a Group Officer, and supported by Deputy Group Officers.

The Hastings Fire Brigade is a member of the Westernport Group, which includes Hastings, Tyabb, Somerville, Langwarrin, Baxter, Mornington, Moorooduc, Red Hill, Shoreham, Balnarring, Somers, Crib Point and Bittern.


Several Groups will make up a District. Each District has a headquarters, with the operational section headed by an Operations Manager, who is supported by the Operations Officers within the District stationed at Integrated Brigades*. Districts are tasked with supporting Brigades with equipment and training as required. Prior to the boundary realignment in 2010, Districts were referred to as Regions.

District 8’s Headquarters is at Dandenong.

Hastings Fire Brigade is situated within District 8. District 8 consists of Western Port Group, Peninsula Group, Casey Group, South East Group and Cardinia Group and Bass Coast Group. Bass Coast Group is scheduled to transfer to District 9 as part of the re-alignment.

* An Integrated Brigade is a station staffed by paid firefighters as well as volunteers. In District 8, there are 8 Integrated Brigades – Dandenong, Hallam, Springvale, Frankston, Patterson River, Cranbourne, Rosebud and Mornington. The remaining 61 Brigades are all volunteer stations.


Regions are the highest level of operational organisation. Each is headed by a General Manager. The General Manager coordinates the different sections within the Districts, including Operations, Training, Finance and Administration, and Community Safety. Regions vary in size, with some being made up of multiple Districts, but others can be made up of just one. Prior to the boundary realignment in 2010, Regions were referred to as Areas.

Hastings Fire Brigade is part of District 8, we are also accordingly part of the Southern Metropolitan Region.

Public Boundaries :-

Total Fire Ban Districts

Total Fire Ban districts were formed in 1995 following a municipal boundary alignment that took place. In 2010, the Total Fire Ban districts were realigned to match with the existing Fire Danger Rating districts. There are currently nine different TFB districts which are derived from the Bureau of Meteorology weather forecasting districts.

Hastings is situated in the Central TFB district.

new TFB districts

Fire Danger Rating

The Fire Danger Rating AREAS are derived from the Bureau of Meteorology weather forecasting areas.

Hastings is situated in the Central weather district for Fire Danger Ratings.


For further information, please contact District Headquarters on 9767 1800 or head to the CFA website.