Bushfire Relocation Advice

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Bushfire Relocation Advice

Category : Fire Safety

Recently, the Country Fire Authority has put out an information that gives advice on relocating during a High Danger day (when the Fire Danger Rating is considered Severe, Extreme or Catastrophic).

The page and accompanying information sheet give advice on preparing to leave prior to the high danger period. The information sheet is split into three sections:

Leaving early on high risk days

This section highlights things such as:

  • What you should consider packing
  • What route you intend to take
  • The elderly and disabled members of your community
  • Examples of where you should relocate to

Emergency Relief Centres

This section gives advice on the centres set up to assist people affected by an emergency.

It includes things like:

  • The conditions which cause a relief centre to be activiated
  • What to bring to a relief centre
  • How to find out where a relief centre might potentially be located

Neighborhood Safer Places

This gives another overview of the purpose of the place of last resort.

Prepare. Act. Survive.